Monthly Archives: November 2016

In memoriam Rosemary Orr

With great sadness we heard that Rosemary Orr, principal researcher in the UCU accents projects, passed away on Tuesday, 15 Nov 2016, from the consequences of cancer. Rosemary has been a primary force in the entire project, from its conception (in September 2009) up to our last exchanges just a week ago. Her great enthusiasm…

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Thank you facilitators

Many facilitators (a.k.a. interviewers) have assisted by conducting and recording interviews, plus arranging safe backups of the recordings. We thank all facilitators for their diligent and enthusiast assistance, which has been essential to the corpus project. Facilitators 2010-2016 were:

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New categories in metadata

An important part of this research project is the distribution of the corpus, including metadata from the questionnaires and audiometry. Metadata describe the properties of each recording, e.g. the speakers’ (anonymous) identifiers, the speakers’ language backgrounds and hearing details, the speakers’ self-assessed properties, technical details of the recording, etc.

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