In memoriam Rosemary Orr

With great sadness we heard that Rosemary Orr, principal researcher in the UCU accents projects, passed away on Tuesday, 15 Nov 2016, from the consequences of cancer. Rosemary has been a primary force in the entire project, from its conception (in September 2009) up to our last exchanges just a week ago. Her great enthusiasm and hard work were essential to the success of the project. Future colleagues will be thankful for the vast treasure of speech data and metadata she collected and left behind in this project — Rosemary insisted that “data are for sharing”. We thank Rosemary for the good times together in the UCU accents project, for sharing her energy and insights and humour. She will be badly missed by her family and friends, and by all involved in the UCU accents project.


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  1. Jürgen Trouvain

    Very very sad news.
    The first time I met Rosemary was at a workshop on laughter that I co-organised in Dublin some five years ago. I was positively surprised when I met her again on another of my workshops, but this time on non-native speech. (It is unusual to find somebody who has an academic interest in both of these topics.) There she presented this wonderful project on phonetic long-term convergence.
    I’ve experienced the discussions with her always as fruitful. And I loved her views outside of academics, and as a former chef she had my admiration and my full attention. It was just easy to talk with her. I feel a huge loss.


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